This example can be identified as a record for an event by code q in Leader/07.  The record contains field 245 (Title), a field used with events and programs.  A field 046 (Special Coded Dates) is also present.

Leader/06  q  [community information]

Leader/07  q  [event]

001        <control number>

003        <control number identifier>

005        <date and time of latest transaction>

008        930816anannneng

040  ##  $a<MARC code>$c<MARC code>

046  ##  $g19931002$h19931001$i19931001

245  #0  $aContemporary Music and Inter-disciplinary Music Theatre.

270  1#  $aRadcliffe Dance Center, Agazziz House$k437-2247

307  8#  $aOct. 1, 1992, 2 p.m.

440  #0  $aLearning through performers program

511  ##  $aA lecture/demonstration by Paul Dresher and Rinde Eckert, composers and members, Paul Dresher Ensemble.

520  8#  $a"About 'Pioneer', which examines the burden of the American frontier past and the uncertainty of the future through Dresher's innovative electronic score and Eckert's arrangement."

531  ##  $bGeneral admission, $6.00; free for Harvard and Northwestern faculty, staff, and students; half-price discount for seniors, students, and advance sales buyers.

650  #0  $aTheatre.

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