The following example of a multiscript record follows Model B.  In this example, the language of cataloging is English (Latin script), thus the notes, subjects, etc. are in English.  The name of the community event is a mixture of both Hebrew and Latin scripts.

040  ##  $a***$ceng$d***

245  #0  $aThe Life of :$bA Literary Review about Moses

270  1#  $aBlessed Sacrament Catholic Church$k437-2247

307  8#  $aOct. 10, 2000, 4 p.m.

440  #0  $aThe Literary Bible program

511  ##  $aA lecture/demonstration by Betty Brown, biblical scholar and writer.

520  8#  $a"The Life of : A Literary Review about Moses" examines several original texts describing the life of Moses.  Includes a detailed discussion about the Hebrew language and its importance to the written canon of Moses' life.

531  ##  $bGeneral admission.

600  10  $aMoses (Biblical leader)

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