This rule addresses inaccuracies, typos, transpositions, etc.  For completely incorrect titles, names, etc., see 0C.

Transcribe an inaccuracy or a misspelled word as it appears on the work or in other sources.  Follow such an inaccuracy either by "[sic]" or by "i.e." and the correction enclosed within brackets.  Supply a missing letter or letters in brackets.

245 00 $a Song of Solamon [sic].

245 04 $a The lonesome trial [i.e. trail].

245 00 $a He loved an actress / $c Morgan ; director, Melville Brown ; producer, Will[i]am Rowland.

Record intentionally misspelled words as found, without the addition of either "sic" or "i.e."

See also:

0.  General Rules