For abbreviations related to moving image description, see each of the following chapters.  For further abbreviations, see AACR2, Appendix B.

Record initials, initialisms, and acronyms without internal spaces, regardless of how they are presented in the source of information.  Apply this provision whether or not these elements are presented with periods.  This rule applies to the descriptive portion of the record and does not apply to access points.

D.W. Griffith

BBC Films

In some cases, personal name initials may be presented in a source without periods.  When they are known to be initials, insert a period after each letter.  In case of doubt or when the personal name consists of separate letters that are not initials, do not insert periods or spaces.

E.G. Marshall
(on film, E G Marshall)

Malcolm X

Treat an abbreviation consisting of more than a single letter as if it were a distinct word, separating it with a space from preceding and succeeding words or initials.

James Johnson, Ph. D.

Wm. A. Brown

If two or more distinct initialisms (or sets of initials), acronyms, or abbreviations appear in juxtaposition, separate each from the other with a space.

M. J.P. Rabaut
(i.e., Monsieur J.P. Rabaut)

U.S. G.P.O.
(i.e., United States Government Printing Office)

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