The title proper is the chief name of any moving image work and is usually used as the main entry, i.e., the primary access point to the work.  See 0B1.  For moving image works, the title proper is usually the original release title in the country of production.  The title of a version may be used as a title proper.  See 1B5.  The title proper includes an alternative title but excludes other title information.

Give the original release title in the country of production exactly as to wording, order, and spelling, but not necessarily as to punctuation and capitalization.  Do not abridge the title proper.  See also AACR2, Appendix A.  Add accents and other diacritical marks that are omitted from data found in the source(s) of information in accordance with the usage of the language of the work.  For recording titles for television series, theatrical serials, newsreels, non-television educational and technical series intended to be viewed consecutively, see 1B1.  For constructing supplied titles, see 1B1.1.5, 1B1.1.6, and 1F.

245 00 $a Etat de siège.

245 00 $a The gilded cage.

245 00 $a Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

When the original title is unknown, a rerelease or reissue title found on the work or in secondary sources may be used.  Document the decision in a note.

245 04 $a The last round-up.

257 ## $a United States.

500 ## $a Title used is reissue title. Unable to determine original release title. $5 DLC (Use institution’s local code.)

An alternative title is the second part of the title proper that consists of two parts, each of which is a title; the parts are joined by the word "or" (or its equivalent in another language).  Follow the first part of the title and the word "or" (or its equivalent) with commas and capitalize the first word of the alternative title.  Title added entries are usually made for the second title.

245 04 $a The limejuice mystery, or, Who spat in grandfather's porridge?

245 00 $a Film d'amore e d'anarchia, ovvero, Stamattina alle 10 in Via dei Fiore nella nota Casa di Tolleranza.

245 04 $a The lonely man, or, The outcast.

If the title on the work or secondary sources includes a statement of responsibility or the name of the distributor, a cast member, author, scenarist, etc., do not use it as part of the title proper, unless research indicates that the title does indeed include the possessive.  In case of doubt, do not include the possessive statement of responsibility as part of the title proper.  In most cases, the statement of responsibility or name was not intended to be part of the original release title.

245 00 $a Victor Victoria.


245 00 $a Blake Edwards' Victor Victoria.
(Title on film.)


245 00 $a Fellini's Casanova.
(Research indicates that the possessive form of proper name is part of the original release title.)

A number and/or phrase integral to the title should be included as part of the title proper.

245 00 $a Star trek II, the wrath of Khan.

245 00 $a Jaws 2.

245 00 $a Syvilla, they dance to her drum.


1B1.  Title proper of television series, theatrical serials, newsreels, and non-television educational and technical series intended to be viewed consecutively

1B2.  Works with a collective title

1B3.  Works without a collective title

1B4.  Titles of works released in the same year, in the same language, and in different countries

1B5.  Titles of versions, editions

See also:

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