The following general material designations (GMD) may be used:

motion picture


Optionally, archives may choose not to use general material designations, particularly when an archive may hold a work in both formats.  The scope of an institution’s collections and the physical description area may make the general material designation redundant.  However, institutions that integrate their bibliographic records with records for other media may wish to apply general material designations.  See AACR2 1.1C.

1C1.  Placement of general material designation

If general material designations are used, add them immediately following the title proper and enclose them in brackets.

245 00 $a Heart to heart $h [motion picture].

245 00 $a Star virgin $h [videorecording].

245 04 $a The limejuice mystery, or, Who spat in grandfather's porridge? $h [motion picture].

245 00 $a Magazine. $n Edition no. 48, $p March magazine $h [videorecording].

245 04 $a The cheesemakers $h [motion picture] : $b traveling through the world of cheese.
(The general material designation is placed after the title proper and before the other title information.)

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