Punctuation:  The entire supplied title is enclosed in brackets.

The rules below serve as guidelines for structuring titles for moving image works with probable or questionable titles, or with no titles at all.  Archives may apply different policies to different collections or groups of moving image materials, depending upon the material being cataloged, the organization of the catalog, and the organization of the material when it was acquired by the archives.

Archives may choose to group works under the title of an associated titled work, a form term, or a descriptive category, such as collection name, production company, genre, etc.  A descriptive phrase, i.e., a short statement summarizing the contents of a work, may be used together with one of the above broader groupings or it may be used alone as the supplied title.  A probable or questionable legitimate title may also be used alone as the title proper, or it may be used with a descriptive category.  When there is more than one work with the same supplied title, use a number to distinguish them.

For structuring supplied titles for television news, see the option under 1B1.1.5.  For structuring supplied titles for televised sports events, see the option under 1B1.1.6.

For some works, titles may be structured in more than one of the ways described below.  In these cases, a method should be selected and documented.


1F1.  Structuring supplied titles with form terms

1F2.  Structuring supplied titles without form terms

1F3.  Structuring titles for collection-level cataloging

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