It is often difficult to identify the function or type of responsibility which the named persons or bodies hold with respect to the moving image work.  It is important to clarify as much as possible the relationship between the credits and the work.  See 1G3.  If possible, make the relationship between credits and the work clear by supplying a credit term in brackets, based on research and good judgment.  As instructed in 1G1, if the credit term is judged to be questionable, include a question mark in the brackets.

245 04 $a The merry wives of Windsor / $c Selig Polyscope Company ; [directed by?] Francis Boggs.

In some cases, the function which a credited person or corporate body performs is not stated on the work and cannot be determined through secondary research.  In such instances, the term "function undetermined" should be supplied in brackets.  Generally, corporate bodies with unknown functions should be included in the statement of responsibility area, while persons with similarly unidentified functions should be included in the credits note.  See 7B5.

245 00 $a Wilfred and the dancing bear / $c Coronet ; [function undetermined], Winstar, Ltd.

When no corporate body or person can be identified that performs the production company function, supply the phrase "production company unknown" enclosed in brackets.

245 00 $a [Duckworth Collection. $n No. 1, $p Comedy with magic tricks--unidentified works] / $c [production company unknown].

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