The country of production is the country where the principal offices of the production company or, in the absence of a company, the individual producer of a moving image work are or were located.  It is considered the country of origin.  Conflicts or uncertainties concerning the country of production should be explained in a note.  See 7B12.

Do not record in this area any country names that appear on the work, on accompanying material, or in secondary sources, but are not associated with the country of original production.  For countries associated with distribution, see 4C.  Information about countries that are not associated with either production or distribution, e.g., shooting location, may be recorded in a note.  See 7B12.

Optionally, archives may choose to omit this area for moving image works produced in the country of the archive and use the area only for works produced or co-produced in other countries.

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3.  Country of Production Area