Record the name of distributor, etc., following the country of distribution.

245 00 $a Chan is missing / $c a Wayne Wang production ; director, producer, writer, editor, Wayne Wang.

257 ## $a United States.

260 ## $a United States : $b New Yorker Films, $c 1982.

245 00 $a Sesame Street. $n [1985-04-05] / $c Children’s Television Workshop.

257 ## $a United States.

260 ## $a United States : $b PBS, $c 1985-04-05.

Use the call letters of a television station as the name of the broadcaster.  If a place name appears with the call letters, record it after the call letters.  Separate the call letters from the place name with a comma, space punctuation.

245 00 $a Wizards report. $n [1998-09-23] / $c Wizards Productions.

257 ## $a United States.

260 ## $a United States : $b WTTG-TV, Washington, D.C., $c 1998- 09-23.


4D1.  Simultaneous distribution, release, broadcast

4D2.  Probable, questionable distributor, releaser, broadcaster

4D3.  Unknown distributor, releaser, broadcaster

4D4.  Undistributed works

See also:

4.  Distribution, Release, Broadcast Area