For television broadcasts, record the year, month, and day of the broadcast.  Use the form YYYY-MM-DD.  If the month and day of the broadcast are not available, give the year.

245 00 $a Eyes on the prize : $b America’s civil rights years, 1954-1965. Fighting back, 1957-1962 / $c a production of Blackside, Inc.

257 ## $a United States.

260 ## $a United States : $b PBS, $c 1986-11-19.

Optionally, include the time of broadcast in parentheses after the date.

245 00 $a M*A*S*H. $p Tuttle / $c Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation.

257 ## $a United States.

260 ## $a United States : $b CBS, $c 1973-01-04 (8:00 PM EST).

4E2.1.  Simultaneous broadcasts

If there are two or more broadcasters for a television program and both broadcast it on the same day, use a single YYYY-MM-DD date.

245 00 $a Admiral Broadway revue. $n [1949-04-08].

257 ## $a United States.

260 ## $a United States : $b NBC Television Network : $b Dumont Television Network, $c 1949-04-08.

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