The AMIM Revision Committee of the Library of Congress would like to thank several individuals and organizations for their valuable contributions to this revision.

At the Library of Congress, staff from the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division (M/B/RS) and the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) devoted many hours to providing expertise and reviewing drafts.  Foremost of these are Robert Ewald, senior specialist in PSD; Allan McConnell, Head of the M/B/RS Recording Lab; and Ken Weissman, Head of the M/B/RS Motion Picture Conservation Center.  We wish to thank several additional M/B/RS staff members who generously shared their expertise during the course of this project:  Michael Godwin, Rosemary Hanes, Michael Mashon, Madeline Matz, David Reese, and Brian Taves.  We would also like to acknowledge the valuable aid received from other senior specialists in CPSD:  Harriet Harrison, Judith Kuhagen, and Paul Weiss.

From the earliest stages of our work until its completion, Barbara Humphrys, Head of the Moving Image Processing Unit, and Thompson Yee, Acting Chief of PSD, have provided encouragement and support.  We appreciate the additional support we received from the following people in M/B/RS so that we could continue our work on this long-term project:  David Francis, Chief; Kathryn Mendenhall, Acting Assistant Chief; and Patrick Loughney, Head of the Moving Image Section.

In the course of accomplishing their daily work, all Moving Image Processing Unit staff and many others in M/B/RS have contributed to this revision effort over the years.  Even though these staff members are too numerous to name, we wish to acknowledge their contributions collectively.

Members of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) contributed expertise in cataloging and technical matters from the wide-ranging perspectives of the diverse organizations involved in the preservation of moving image materials.  In 1995, the Cataloging and Documentation Committee’s AMIM Revision Subcommittee, chaired by Linda Tadic, recommended revisions based on an in-depth survey the members had conducted.  In 1998-1999, a new AMIM Revision Subcommittee, chaired by Jane Johnson, contributed extensive recommendations and comments on the revision.  We wish to thank several other individuals who provided specialized technical information:  Eric Aijala, John Allen, Robert Gitt, Ross Lipman, James Wheeler, and Ed Zwaneveld.

In addition to the contributions provided by those listed above, we received valuable comments from the following organizations:

American Library Association, Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
Cataloging and Classification Section, Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access
Task Force on the Review of the AMIM Draft Revision
Adam Schiff, Chair

American Library Association, Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
Media Resources Committee
Ann Caldwell, Chair

Music Library Association, Bibliographic Control Committee
Linda Barnhart, Chair

National Library of Medicine, Cataloging Section
Alice E. Jacobs, Assistant Head

Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Cataloging Policy Committee
Catherine Gerhart, Chair

We wish to thank Wendy White-Hensen for all her work in compiling the first edition of this manual.

The AMIM Revision Committee

Summer 2000

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