Only the individuals performing the major functions as recorded in the bibliographic record should usually be given added entries at this level.  The major credits of a moving image work involve participation in its original production and some degree of overall responsibility for the work.  The major credits include, but are not limited to, director, producer, writer, animator, and participant and/or performer.  If another credit is deemed important and is recorded in the statement of responsibility, such as the choreographer of a dance performance, then the person performing that function may be given an added entry.

If there is more than one person performing any one of the above mentioned functions, then an added entry should usually be made for the first person recorded or the person deemed most important.  For participants and performers, generally up to three added entries may be made.

For versions and editions, the above guidelines should be followed for those involved in the creation of the original work.  In addition, added entries for those persons who made significant contributions to the creation of the version or edition should be made.  For example, an added entry could be made for the producer of a videodisc version of a feature film which includes footage not used in the original release, an interview with the director, still photographs of storyboards, a trailer, and a short film on a related subject that was produced at the same time as the feature.

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