A uniform title is the title used to collocate original works, their subsequent manifestations, and related non-moving image works.  The original release or broadcast title serves as the uniform title.

Uniform titles are generally used for the following purposes:  to organize the catalog so that moving image works and related non-moving image materials, such as published screenplays or movie sound tracks, file together; to link moving image works to related moving image works, e.g., versions, works produced simultaneously in multiple languages; to provide access by title to works included on another work; to provide the established form of a series title when the established form does not appear on the work; to provide subject access to moving image works represented by uniform titles.

Do not use a uniform title solely to distinguish two or more moving image works or moving image and non-moving image works with the same titles.


A3.1.  Formulation of uniform titles

A3.2.  Related non-moving image works

A3.3.  Versions, editions

A3.4.  Analytical title added entry headings from contents notes

A3.5.  Television series

A3.6.  Television specials

A3.7.  Uniform titles series added entry headings (non-television)

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