ED Beta

Extended definition Betamax.  A 1/2 in. videocassette format introduced by Sony as an improvement over Beta.


A 1/2 in. reel-to-reel videotape format that was introduced in 1969.  EIAJ stands for the Electronics Industries Association of Japan, the Japanese standards committee.


The process of assembling, arranging, and trimming film, both picture and sound.


Editions are treated as versions.  They are works which are described as editions on the works themselves or in secondary sources.  See also Versions.

Electronic press kits

See Audio-visual press kits.

Electronics Industries Association of Japan



One characteristic of the group of physical characteristics of which a film or video is comprised and which is recorded as part of the line of physical description.  The physical characteristic ranges from video format (e.g., DVD) to film generation (e.g., master positive).  See also Set of elements.


The coating, consisting of gelatin and silver salts (unprocessed film), or gelatin and metallic silver (processed film), or iron oxide (for magnetic sound) bonded to and supported by a film base.  The type of emulsion mixture determines whether the film is positive or negative.


A record of a work in a catalog.  See also Added entry, Heading, Main entry.


An individual part of a series or serial.

Episode number

1.  A number assigned to the individual part of a series or serial.

2.  Also, a number usually used to identify the order of a part within a series or serial.

See also Identifying element, Volume number.

Episode title

A title assigned to the individual part of a series or serial.  Together with the series or serial title, it forms an integral part of the title proper.  See also Identifying element, Part title.


Parts, normally complete scenes or sequences, taken from a complete moving image work.  Although the work from which the excerpt was taken may have been distributed, the excerpt itself has not usually been distributed in this form.  An excerpt is distinguished from a clip by the fact that an excerpt is usually longer and gives a more detailed sense of the complete work than a clip does.  See also Clips.

Extended definition Betamax

See ED Beta.

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