See General material designation.


The horizontal dimension (width) of motion picture film in millimeters.

General material designation

A term used in bibliographic records that gives the broad class of material to which a work belongs, e.g. motion picture, videorecording.  See also Specific material designation.


A term used to differentiate original material and successive duplicates.  Material that is produced successively is second, third, fourth, etc., generation material, e.g., original negative to master positive to duplicate negative to answer print.

Green color separation record

In a two-color separation, the green color separation is the record of the complimentary red light values in a scene recorded on black and white negative film.  In a three-color separation, the green color separation is the record printed from the magenta color separation negative onto black and white positive film.  The green color separation may also be printed from three-layer negative film.  See also Color separation, Magenta color separation record.

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