HD Betacam



A 1/2 in. high definition digital videocassette format that records on standard D5 cassettes.


Also known as HD Betacam.  A 1/2 in. high definition videocassette format from Sony.


See High definition television.


The film image, produced by a photographic process, has color applied by hand to each individual frame.  Generally associated with early film.


A name, word, or phrase placed at the head of a catalog entry to provide an access point in the catalog.  See also Access point.

Hi-8 mm.

An 8 mm. videocassette format using metal evaporated or metal particle tape.  It has a higher resolution than standard 8 mm. video, but it is still housed in a mini-cassette and designed for small camcorders.  For consumer and independent use.  See also 8 mm. (2. Video usage).

High definition television

HDTV.  A television system that has a much higher resolution than the present standard.  Several video formats now exist that support high definition television.  See also D6, D9 HD, DVCPRO HD, HD D5, HDCAM.

Home movies

Films or videos of personal or family events which are usually filmed or recorded by an amateur.  See also Amateur works.

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