See Standard number.

Identifying element:

A title or number, such as an episode title, a part title, or a date, which distinguishes an individual work within a series.  See also Episode number, Episode title.

Incomplete work

A moving image work that is missing part of the image and/or sound.  A work is not described as incomplete if it has been intentionally shortened to create another work.  See also Versions, Editions.


A television advertisement, at least thirty minutes in length, designed to sell a product, service, or idea, usually with participation from an individual, panel, or audience.

International co-production

A moving image work resulting from the joint efforts of two or more production companies based in different countries.


A color negative made from a color positive, that is, a color duplicate negative.  It is used to make prints.


A color master positive that is used to make a color internegative.

Interior titles

See Intertitles.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

See Standard number.

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

See Standard number.

Intertitle rolls/title bands

The printed titles that have been separated from their corresponding picture.


Titles within the main body of a moving image, such as dialogue, continuity, and informational titles.  Intertitles are mainly found in silent films.


An interview is the process whereby one person seeks to obtain information from another person or group of persons by asking questions.


Due to the various meanings of the term "item," AMIM2 has replaced it with the terms "unit" or "moving image work."  See also Moving image work, Unit.  There is one exception.  "Item" is used in the term "item-level cataloging."  That term is used in the context of collection-level cataloging to refer to the cataloging of individual works as opposed to the cataloging of a collection of works together.

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