See M-II.


A 1/2 in. analog videocassette format using component coding on metal particle tape.  For professional use.

Made-for-television movie

A motion picture made directly for television.  Also known as made-for-tv movie, telefeature, or television feature.

Magenta color separation record

In a three-color separation, the magenta (purplish red) color separation is the record of the complimentary green light values in a scene recorded on black and white negative film.  See also Color separation.

Magnetic track

A sound track derived from an electronic audio signal recorded on a brown ferromagnetic coating covering the entire film or found on one edge of the film.

Magnetic work track

A magnetic sound track used during the editing process that coordinates with the images in a work print.

Main entry

The main access point under which a bibliographic description is entered in the catalog.  See also Access point, Added entry.


An issue of a moving image work.  An original manifestation is the first issue of a moving image work.


In AMIM2, a video designated to be used for copying or preservation purposes.  This is an optional term that describes level of accessibility and may be given in place of a generation term in the line of physical description.

Master positive

A print made on special film from a negative.  For black and white film, the print is on fine grain stock.  For color film, interpositive film stock is used.  A master positive is designed to be used in the preparation of duplicate negatives rather than for projection.  See also Interpositive.

Master positive picture

A master positive image with no sound.

Master positive track

An optical sound track recorded on positive film stock that is paired with a master positive picture.


A sound recording using one channel designed to be played back through one speaker.

Motion picture

A length of film, with or without recorded sound, bearing a sequence of images that create the illusion of movement when projected in rapid succession.

Moving image work

A physical format upon which moving visual images, with or without sound, have been recorded and the information that describes its production and/or release, such as title and credits.  See also Format, Specific material designation, Unit.

Multilayer color

See Three-layer color.

Music videos

Short works that features a song and performer, or a musical group.

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