See Two-color.

2-color imbibition

See Two-color imbibition.

2-strip color

See Two-strip color.


See Three color.

3-color imbibition

See Three-color imbibition.


See Three-dimensional.

3-layer color

See Three-layer color.

3 strip color

See Three-strip color.

8 mm.

1.  Film usage:  A narrow gauge film introduced for home use in 1933 by Kodak.  The term "standard 8 mm." covers this basic film and distinguishes it from the later improved  "super 8 mm." (introduced by Kodak in 1965) and "single 8 mm." (the Japanese equivalent of super 8 mm. introduced by Fuji).

2.  Video usage:  A videocassette format using 8 mm. metal particle tape.  It is housed in a mini-cassette and designed for small-size camcorders.

See also Hi-8 mm.

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