A 3/4 in. analog videocassette format developed by Sony.  The "u" refers to the u-shape of its tape threading path.  Generally for semi-professional (educational and industrial) use.  The SMPTE standard designation for this format is type E.

Undistributed work

A work that was intended to be distributed but was never actually distributed, such as a shelved feature film, and works that were never intended to be distributed, such as home movies, outtakes, or unedited footage.

Unidentified work

A work that cannot be identified because it never had a title, the title is missing, or the title on the work is incorrect.

Uniform title

1.  Archival moving image cataloging usage:  The title used to collocate original works, their subsequent manifestations, and related non-moving image works.  The original release title serves as the uniform title.  Within the general function of collocation, the uniform title may be used for several purposes, e.g., to provide access to works included on another work.

2.  Library usage:  The particular title by which a work that has appeared under varying titles is to be identified for cataloging purposes.


Each separate physical piece of a moving image work.

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