Wardrobe tests

Filmed or taped assessments of performers or their stand-ins in their costumes.

Wide-screen film

A motion picture with an aspect ratio greater than the older 35 mm. standard of four to three, or 1.33:1.  Wide-screen films may have aspect ratios from 1.65:1 up to 2.55:1.  See also Anamorphic, Aspect ratio, Letterbox, Pan-and-scan.


The horizontal dimension in inches or millimeters of videotape, whether in cassettes, cartridges, or reels.  See also Aspect ratio, Diameter, Dimension, Gauge.


See Moving image work.

Work print

A positive duplicate picture, with or without sound, used during the editing process in which scenes are usually spliced together in sequential order.  In its final form, it serves as the model for the cutting of the original from which the eventual release print is made.

Work track

A sound track used during the editing process that coordinates with the images in a work print.  See also Magnetic work track, Negative work track, Positive work track.

Working title

A title given to a film or video during the course of its production.

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