Omission, marks of

See Abridgment

Options, Intro.

Order of credits

statement of responsibility, 1G2

Order of multiple lines of physical descriptions

access terms, 5H

complete materials, 5H

dimensions, 5H

film generations, 5H

incomplete materials, 5H

levels of accessibility, 5H

lists of generation and access terms by group, 5H

nitrate films, 5H

original materials, 5H

separate sound elements, 5H

video, 5H

Order of physical details, 5C1

Organization and arrangement of materials field, App. C4.4

Organization of description, 0B

Original release titles, 1B

Original works, Intro.; 0B3; 5B3

See also Versions

Other available formats

notes, 7B26

Other title information

abridgment of title, 1E

educational and technical series (non- television), 6D

subseries, 6H

title proper

capitalization and punctuation, 1E

general material designations, 1E

Out takes

See Outtakes


countries of production, 3C4

physical descriptions, 5B6

statement of responsibility, 1G5.5

undistributed works, 4C4; 4D4; 4E5

See also Form terms

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