The example can be identified as a record for a program or service by code p in Leader/07.  The record contains field 245 (Title), a field used with events and programs.  A field 046 (Special Coded Dates) is also present.

Leader/06  q  [community information]

Leader/07  p  [program or service]

001        <control number>

003        <control number identifier>

005        <date and time of latest transaction>

008        921229aaaaaa|||

040  ##  $a<MARC code>$c<MARC code>

046  ##  $f19931226$g19931221$h19931115$i19931220

110  2#  $aUnited States Marine Corps.

245  #0  $aToys for Tots.

270  1#  $aP.O. Box 223$bBroken Arrow$cOK$e74012$pSgt. Kathy Hibner

307  8#  $aBegins November 15, 1993.

500  ##  $aAnnual toy drive.

500  ##  $aCollection locations include: All fire stations in Tulsa, Broken Arrow; Tulsa National Bank, 71st and Yorktown; All Wendy's restaurants; Eastland Mall; All three American Shopping Channel Stores; Riverside Chevrolet; West Star Bank on Garnett; Scissors Hair and Body; Dresser Rand; Kindercare; Capelli's Hair Salon; All U-Haul locations and Bargain Time in Sand Springs.

501  8#  $aUpdated 6/93.

572  ##  $aSponsored by the United States Marine Corps.

650  #0  $aChristmas.

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