Definition and scope:

The 7XX fields contain added entries that provide additional access to a community information record from names and/or titles having various relationships to the community information entity.  Added entries are assigned to records for persons, corporate bodies, meetings, and publication and program titles which are not given access through subject added entries.

Specific field information:

For information on content designators (indicator and subfield code definitions and examples), field and subfield repeatability, and input conventions for any of the 7XX fields, select from the list below:

700  Added Entry - Personal Name  (R)

710  Added Entry - Corporate Name  (R)

711  Added Entry - Meeting Name  (R)

720  Added Entry - Uncontrolled Name  (R)

730  Added Entry - Publication Title  (R)

740  Added Entry - Specific Program Title  (R)

79X  Local Added Entry Fields

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