Subfield $0 contains the system control number of the related authority record, or a standard identifier such as an International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI).  These identifiers may be in the form of text or a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).  If the identifier is text, the control number or identifier is preceded by the appropriate MARC Organization code (for a related authority record) or the Standard Identifier source code (for a standard identifier scheme), enclosed in parentheses.  When the identifier is given in the form of a Web retrieval protocol, e.g., HTTP URI, no preceding parenthetical is used.

Subfield $0 may contain a URI that identifies a name or label for an entity.  When dereferenced, the URI points to information describing that name.  A URI that directly identifies the entity itself is contained in subfield $1.

See MARC Code List for Organizations for a listing of organization codes and Standard Identifier Source Codes for code systems for standard identifiers.  Subfield $0 is repeatable for different control numbers or identifiers.


084  0#  $alcc  [Library of Congress Classification]

153  ##  $aBS580.M6$hThe Bible$hGeneral$hWorks about the Bible$hMen, women and children of the Bible$hBiography$hIndividual Old Testament characters, A-Z$jMoses

700  00  $aMoses$c(Biblical leader)$0(DLC)n##79058331

084  0#  $alcc  [Library of Congress Classification]

153  ##  $aHG3881.5.158$hFinance$hForeign exchange. International finance$hInternational finance. International monetary system. International banking$hIndividual international financial institutions, A-Z$jInternational Monetary Fund

710  20  $aInternational Monetary Fund$0(DLC)n##81052755

084  0#  $alcc  [Library of Congress Classification]

153  ##  $aPR1588$hEnglish literature$hAnglo-Saxon literature$hIndividual authors and works$hBeowulf$hCriticism$jLanguage, grammar, etc.

730  00  $aBeowulf$xLanguage$0(DLC)sh#85013267

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