Subfield $5 contains the MARC code of the institution or organization to which a note applies followed by any specific information about classification at the particular institution.  It is used for institution-specific information that may or may not apply to the universal use of the classification record.

See Appendix F for a listing of organization code sources used in MARC 21 records.


084  0#  $addc$c21  [Dewey Decimal Classification]

153  ##  $a005.262$hGeneralities$hComputer programming, programs, data$kComputer programming and programs$hProgramming for specific types of computers, for specific operating systems, for specific user interfaces$hProgramming for digital microcomputers$jProgramming in specific programming languages

683  1#  $iArrange alphabetically by name of programming language, e.g., C++

683  1#  $aUse first three letters of programming language to subarrange$5<location identifer>

[The library has its own method for arranging alphabetically, since the instructions are not specific.]

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Appendix A:  Control Subfields