Appendix B contains full record examples based on sections of the Library of Congress Classification, the Dewey Decimal Classification, the National Library of Medicine Classification, and the Universal Decimal Classification.  These examples reflect the application of MARC content designators in classification records.  For each example record, the lines from the classification scheme being illustrated in the record appear first, introduced by the word Scheme: and information from the DDC Manual (if it appears), introduced by the word Manual:; the record follows, introduced by the word Record.  In addition, in the case of references generated from tracings, an abbreviated form of the record containing the tracing is given, which includes only the 008, 153 and 453/553 fields.  The lines from the scheme are reproduced from the printed version; they are intended to aid in the understanding of the full record example, not as a suggested online display.  In some cases, it has been necessary to edit the scheme slightly to encode the data.  Fields are shown in numerical tag order; it may be desirable to change their order upon display.

Field 001 contains the phrase <control number> which indicates that the record is an example only.  The records lack a system-generated directory, and the system-generated portions of the Leader (LDR) are represented by asterisks (*).  Control number fields have not been recorded (field 010 and 035).

The example records are divided into six sets:

LCC Schedule, Class HE

LCC Tables, Class P-PZ:

LCC Table 1, Class P-PZ

LCC Table 23, Class P-PZ

DDC Schedule, Class 003

DDC Table, Table 6

NLM Classification, Index Term Record

UDC Schedule, Class 79

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