CONSER. Cooperative Online Serials Program. Formerly Conversion of Serials Project.

ISBD(s). International Standard Bibliographic Data- -Serials. The ISBD(s) is the system of punctuation used to separate various parts of the bibliographic description in serial records (e.g., : between title and other title information).

ISDS. International Serials Data System (changed in 1993 to: ISSN International Centre)

ISSN Canada. International Standard Serial Number Canada. The Canadian center responsible for assigning ISSN to Canadian imprints and located at the National Library of Canada.

ISSN. International Standard Serial Number.

MARBI. ALA RTSD LITA RASD Committee on Representation in Machine Readable Form of Bibliographic Information.

NASIG. North American Serials Interest Group, Inc.

NACO. Name Authority Coordinated Cataloging Operations.

NISO. Name Information Standards Organization. NISO began as Committee Z39 of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

NSDP. National Serials Data Program. NSDP is a section of the Serial Record Division, Library of Congress and is the United States center responsible for assigning ISSN to U.S. imprints.

OCLC. Online Computer Library Center.

RLIN. Research Libraries Information Network. The cataloging database of the research Libraries Group (RLG).

SICI. Serial Item and Contribution Identifier. The bar code that uniquely identifies each issue of a serial, of which the ISSN forms the first portion.

SISAC. Serials Industry Standards Advisory Committee. SISAC is a committee of the Book Industry Study Group, Inc. (BISG).

USMARC. United States Machine Readable Cataloging.

USNP. United States Newspaper Program.

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