The PCC includes two separate programs for the creation of bibliographic records:  CONSER and BIBCO.  CONSER has traditionally covered serials in all formats, while BIBCO covers monographs in all formats.   Updating loose-leafs have traditionally been cataloged by monograph catalogers, while both monograph and serial catalogers have cataloged electronic integrating resources, such as Web sites and databases.  Thus, for PCC, integrating resources are now covered by both programs.  Both CONSER and BIBCO catalogers can create and maintain records for integrating resources and it is planned that records for integrating resources will be authenticated and distributed with the CONSER database following the implementation of bibliographic level code "i."  New authentication codes will be adopted at that time that will also allow maintenance by OCLC Enhance members as well.  Until that time, the existing PCC authentication codes for monographs will be used for records for integrating resources.

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