a. First/last issue in hand:

Give the date of publication of the first issue followed by a hyphen and the date of the last issue when the serial is complete and both issues are in hand (AACR2 12.4F1/12.4F2). A date must be given when the first or last issue is in hand, even if it has to be supplied according to AACR2 1.4F7. Example:

b. First/last issue not in hand:

If neither the first or last issue in hand, do not give a date of publication. Do not apply AACR2 1.4F7 in this situation because it is unknown whether there is a date on the first issue or what the date should be. Example:

Thus, when recording a "formatted" 362 field, also record a beginning or ending date of publication, or both. When describing the serial from an issue other than the first, do not input $c in field 260 (unless the final issue is also in hand). The field ends with a comma.

See also:

10.4. Dates of Publication