If a serial has ceased publication or the record is continued by another due to a change in title, etc., record the number of volumes published, when this information is available. According to LCRI 12.5B2, record the number of bibliographic rather than physical volumes. For example, if a serial is numbered as vol. 12, no. 2-v. 14, no. 5, record as "3 v.", regardless of how many physical pieces are involved.

If a serial has only a chronological designation, record the number of volumes in terms of years, when known. The number should include the total number of years named. For example, a serial covering Dec. 1982-Jan. 1985 would be recorded as 4 v. When the title number of volumes is uncertain or unknown, omit this information. You do not have to complete this area when closing off a record if the information is unavailable.

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