For printed serials, the only type of "other physical detail" to record is illustrations. When providing an illustration statement for a serial, consider the whole serial. If it is likely that all or most issues will contain illustrations, record the statement. If only one, or an occasional issue, contains an illustration, omit the statement. Most importantly, do not spend very much time on this aspect of the record!

When deciding how to record an illustration statement for a printed serial, you must look to chapter 2. AACR2 2.5C2 provides a list of the allowable terms. (2) According to LCRI 2.5C2, use only "ill." and/or "maps." If, however, a serial consists solely or chiefly of one type of illustration, such as portraits, record "all ports." or chiefly ports." (AACR2 2.5C6). Example:

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11.2. Other physical details