The physical description (area 5) is the place in which the physical attributes of the serial are described. (1) In the online record, the physical is input in field 300.

Since chapter 12 of AACR2 covers serials in all physical formats, you must consult other chapters for rules in the physical description for a particular physical format. For printed serials, consult Chapter 2 (Books). This module discusses the description of printed serials. Description for other formats is discussed in special chapters in Part 3.

This module will discuss:

How to record the number of volumes (i.e., extent of item)

When and how to record an illustration statement

How to record the size of the serial

When and how to include a statement of accompanying material

11.1. Extent of item

11.2. Other physical details

11.3. Dimensions

11.4. Accompanying material


See also:

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