Record the title proper of the series as it appears in the issue on which the description is based. If the series has been established with a uniform title qualifier, do not include the qualifier in the series statement since it does not appear that way on the piece. Example:

Note: Series that are not entered under corporate body are tagged 130 in the series authority record, regardless of whether the series is established under a uniform title (i.e., a title and qualifier) or under just the title.

This series appears on the piece in the same form in which it is to be traced according to the SAR and thus, is input in field 440. The ISSN has been added in subfield $x.

Since this series consists of a very common title, Research report, a qualifier is needed. The series statement is given in field 490 and the series is traced in field 830 because the entry is under uniform title.

See also:

12.4. Recording the series statement (440, 490)