A serial may be issued in a series whose title changes or whose corporate body qualifier (in the case of a uniform title) changes. In other cases, the series may be added or dropped on later issues. These changes are expressed by prefacing the series statement with the date or number of the issue of the serial on which the series first and/or last appeared. For example, if a monthly serial is issued in a series beginning with v. 8, no. 3 (Mar. 1990), give the date "Mar. 1990- :" in the series statement. While dates are normally used, numbers may be used when dates are not distinctive or appropriate. Note that anytime a designation is used, the series statement is given in field 490 and the tracing is given in an 8XX field. Example:

Use angle brackets when the exact beginning/ending date is unknown. Example:

If the corporate body is given close to the series title, record trhe body as a statement of responsibility in separate series statements, preceded by the appropriate dates. Example:

If the corporate body does not appear with the series title and could not be transcribed as a statement of responsibility, give the series statement only once but trace each series in separate 830 fields. Example:

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12.6. Changes and other problems