To be considered as a series, a word or phrase must appear with other titles that could be separately cataloged.

Record the series as it appears on the piece in the series statement (440, 490); record the series as it is established on the SAR in the series tracing (440, 8XX).

If the series statement and the series tracing would be the same, record only once in field 440. If different, record the statement in field 490 and the series tracing in field 8XX.

The series authority record (SAR) provides the entry for the series and the series treatment decision of the Library of Congress and/or other participating institutions. The series treatment indicates the policy for tracing, classification, and cataloging of individual issues in the series.

When a series is found in the authority file, the entry must be used as found. Catalogers at institutions other than LC or the institution that reestablished the treatment on the SAR can treat the series to meet the needs of their institution.

When establishing a series, apply the same rules that are applied to serials.

A main series and a subseries must appear on the same source in the preliminaries in order to be recorded together. If they appear on separate sources, record as separate series.

If a serial is issued in a series for only part of its life span, precede the series statement (490) with the relevant designation of the serial and trace the series separately (8XX).

See also:

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