When the information contained in the note does not apply to all of the issues of the serial, add the chronological designation of the first and last issues to which it does apply (LCRI 12.7B). If the information is present on all issues in hand, do not add a designation. Example:

If the serial is identified by both a numeric and a chronological designation, give only the chronological designation in the note. If there is no chronological designation, give the numeric designation in the note. To make the note as succinct as possible, condense the chronological designation by eliminating unnecessary elements (LCRI 12.7B); but give the four digits of the year. Example:

When the exact beginning/ending designation is not known, record in angle brackets the designation of the earliest/latest available issue. Give inclusive designations, when appropriate, to show the span of issues in hand. If a closing date is needed but the specific date is unknown, a partial date may be given (e.g., <-198 >). Example:

See also:

13.2. Constructing notes for serial records