While AACR2 prescribed an order in which notes are to be given in the record, CONSER policy is to input notes in 5XX tag order. (4) This is a matter of expediency and a recognition that not all notes could be printed or displayed in LC’s MUMS database in 5XX tag order, regardless of how they are input on OCLC. In print programs, notes may also be printed from fields 022, 222, 246, 310, 321, 362, and the 760-787 linking fields, as well as the 5XX note fields. If there are multiple notes with the same tag, specifically those tagged 500, follow the order prescribed by AACR2. Input the "Description based on" note as the last 500 note, even when it is combined with the Source of title note (which is one of the first notes prescribed by AACR2).

See also:

13.2. Constructing notes for serial records