The list of frequencies in 008/18-19 does not include all possible frequencies. When a serial is issued according to a different frequency that is not on the list, construct a frequency statement using terms such as "... no. a year" or " ... issues a year". Example:

"Four no." would imply that the serial is numbered; however, some numbers may be combined. "Four times" or "Four issues" indicated that there are four separate pieces received regardless of the numbering. This is based on the individual serial and is a matter of cataloger’s judgment.

Note: Do not confuse the frequency with the designation system of the serial. For instance, Time is a weekly that has two volumes each year, each with its own internal numbering. The frequency is determined by the pattern of issuance of the issues, not their numbering.

When supplying parenthetical information, try to use the publisher’s terminology when clear and succinct. Example:

If there is more than one frequency in a given year, the other frequencies are indicated in parentheses. Example:

See also:

13.3. Frequency notes (fields 310/321)