A link may contain three separate elements:

a. Catalog entry:

The link must contain the cataloging entry for the related serial. (3) The entry is based on the 1XX/240/245 fields in the related record. The entry may consist of a title, uniform title, corporate body and title, etc. The title given in subfield $t is the title proper ($a, $n, $p) or the uniform title from field 130. Include other title information in a link only when it has been supplied according to AACR2 1.1E6. Do not include parallel titles. Headings used in links must be given in AACR2 form. If the heading on the related record as well as giving the AACR2 form in the link. See Linking entry fields- -General information in the CEG for specific details on determining the entry and related subfield codes. Example:

b. ISSN and control numbers:

For instructions on adding the ISSN and control number, see the CEG. Example:

See also:

4.1. Linking relationships and linking entry fields: an overview