Notes generated from linking entry fields are limited to the display constants defined for those fields or 2nd indicator values (e.g., Continues:, Supplement to:). When this type of note does not adequately express the relationship, a linking entry complexity note (580) is given in addition to the linking entry field(s). The linking entry field is necessary to provide the database link. Field 580 is also used in certain situations where a linking entry field cannot be given.

a. A chronological relationship involves multiple titles

For CONSER records, field 580 is most commonly used when a chronological relationship involves more than one title, requiring multiple linking entry fields, such as Merged with: ... to form: ... . LC’s print program cannot print a single note form multiple linking fields and field 580 must be used for the note. Example:

b. The note that would be printed from the link is not sufficient

This includes the following situations:

Field 580 is used for reprint notes because none of the linking entry fields specifically address reprints and because the note often contains additional information such as the publisher, frequency, etc. (see also CCM 14.2.3.). Example:

A 580 note may be used to produce a single note when several serials have the same relationship and are recorded in separate linking entry fields. Unlike the situation in a. above, use of field 580 in this situation is optional. Example:

A 580 note such as Cumulates: or Companion to: must be input because it cannot be generated from field 787. Example:

A 580 note is given to explain a change in physical format that requires a new entry. In this situation the nature of the change is better expressed in a 580 note because the titles are usually the same and a note generated from a link would be ambiguous. Example:

When applying AACR2 12.7B7c and adding an optional date to a continued by note, field 580 must be given because the date cannot be printed from subfield $g in the link. (LC no longer applies this option.)

When using a 580 note and a linking entry field be sure to set the first indicator in the link to "1" (do not print a note).

c. Referring to another publication that is not given in a linking entry field

Such situations include:

Monograph titles are not given in links but may be mentioned in a 580 note and given an added entry (see also CCM 14.5.2.). Example:

A translation for which the original title is unknown. Example:

Related publications that are too numerous to be separately named. Example:

See also:

4.1. Linking relationships and linking entry fields: an overview