When serials are issued in multiple formats a decision must be made as to whether the other one is essentially the same item in a different physical format (776) or whether it is a separate edition or version that may have different contents (775). When linking straight reproductions, such as reproduction microforms, use field 776. Other types of versions, such as sound recordings and CD-ROMs, are generally considered to be other editions (775) because the contents may differ.

In CONSER records, creating links for reproductions (776) is optional in some cases and mandatory in others. The decision is based on the nature of the microform (preservation or commercially-produced) and whether the original or the microform is being cataloged. For instructions, see the CEG.

Fields 533 and 530 are associated with reproductions and other physical formats. Field 533 is given on the record for a reproduction microform to describe the details of the microform because the cataloging is based on the original (LCRI 11.0A). Optionally, field 530 may be used on the record for the original to note the availability of the microform or other physical format.

The components of field 776 are quite different from those of other linking entry fields:

the title is usually omitted because the original serial and the reproduction almost always have the same title;

subfield $c (qualifying information) is used to indicate the nature of the related serial- -the term "Original" is given in the record for the reproduction; the specific material designation (e.g., "Microfiche," "Microfilm") is given in the record for the original (when a 776 is input);

the agency responsible for the reproduction is given in subfield $d when linking to the reproduction.

Note: This practice for links applies only to field 776 and not to physical format version given in field 775. Example:

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