Serials relate to other publications in a variety of ways. Relationships to other serials are recorded in the online record in linking entry fields or "links." Related publications that are not serials may be mentioned in a note but are not given in a link. Much of the information regarding the construction of linking entry fields is contained in the section Linking entry fields- -General information in the CONSER Editing Guide, including the form of entry and use of subfield codes. This module will discuss linking fields briefly but will focus on linking relationships.

The module will discuss:

How serials relate to one another and how to determine when such relationships exist

How to determine the linking relationship and its appropriate tag or indicator value

How to determine when to use a 580 field with or without a link

How to handle relationships to non-serials

How to determine when a linking entry field is not appropriate

14.1. Linking relationships and linking entry fields: an overview

14.2. Chronological relationships (fields 780/785)

14.3. Horizontal relationships

14.4. When not to link


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