Consider the entire serial when assigning subject headings, not just one issue or a portion of the serial.

Because serial subject headings cover the entire serial, they are often more general than those assigned to monographs.

In most cases, one to three subject headings are sufficient to characterize a serial.

Consider assigning more headings when many different topics are covered- -and the serial warrants the additional coverage.

Consider a subdivision's appropriateness before adding it to a subject heading.

Do not supply a topical subject heading for a serial about a corporate body, such as an annual report, unless the heading is for the activity or field reported on.

To save time in determining the subject, look for clues in the preface, table of contents, masthead, or editorial pages.

Consider also whether headings already assigned for the earlier title in the case of a title change, or to a monograph record for the same title, or other related works might be appropriate for the serial record.

LCSH and MeSH headings differ because the first covers all human knowledge, while the second covers only medical topics. They also differ in punctuation, capitalization, and the number of headings needed.

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