In general, a title is considered to have changes when words that affect access or that change the meaning or scope of the title are added, changed, rearranged, or dropped. A change in title, once determined, always necessitates a new record, regardless of the choice of main entry.

Following are situations that constitute a title change, based on AACR2 21.2A1 and the LCRI. This list does not include all possible situations.

A serial is given a completely different title. Example:

A word (other than an article, preposition, or conjunction) is added, changed, or dropped within the first five words of the title. Example:

Does the change from "Update of" to "Updated" constitute a title change? The cataloger has decided that it does because it appears in the first five words and has a slightly different meaning. Also, the earlier title includes additional information (which varies but has not been considered to constitute a title change) and this information does not appear on the later issue.

A word is added anywhere in the title that changes the meaning or indicates a change in scope. Example:

The order of the first 5 words (or 6 if there is an initial article) changes. Example:

A word (other than an article, preposition, conjunction) is changed, deleted, or added to a section title ($p) or the designation of the section ($n). When a change occurs in a section title, consider where it appears and whether it changes the scope of the title. If the change occurs after the first five words of the title proper (i.e., common title and section title) and does not change the scope of the serial, consider applying #1 under 16.2.3. Example:

The name of an issuing body included in the title changes its name causing a change in the title. Example:

The name of the corporate body is added to or dropped from the beginning of the title. Example:

The form of the name of an issuing body given at the beginning of the title changes (e.g., full form to initialism). Example:

The language of the title changes (i.e., the title in the other language has not been recorded as a parallel title in field 245). Example:

The title is given in multiple languages and the title in the language that has been given as the title proper is dropped.

See also:

16.2. Title changes