A fluctuating title is one that changes back and forth on a regular or irregular basis. An example of a regular fluctuation is a monthly publication whose last yearly issue is called "Buyer’s guide." Series titles often fluctuate irregularly; for instance, the series DA PAM may be issued as DA PAM, DA pamphlet, or Department of the Army pamphlet, without any consistency. An intentional title change is not treated as a fluctuating title, even when such a change results in a return to an earlier title. Changes that occur after a long span of time, or that are explained in the publication may be considered to be intentional. In such cases, create a record for each title.

In most cases , a fluctuating title can only be determined in retrospect. Unless a publisher clearly states that certain issues will have a different title, that only way to determine that the title is fluctuating is usually there is evidence of two or three title changes. (1) If cataloging a completed run of a title, and it appears that the title changes for a brief time then changed back, the change may be treated as a title fluctuation with a note and added entry given on the record (LCRI 21.2C). Treat each situation on a case-by-case basis. Always give a note (500) and an added entry (246) for a fluctuating title. Example:

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16.2. Title changes