The necessity to make a new record for certain numbering changes is a matter of practicality. In order to check-in, retrieve, and shelve issues of serials, each must have a unique designation that can be used in conjunction with the call number. If a serial returns to an earlier form of numbering and repeats the same numbers, even though the title hasn’t changed, the only way that different issues with the same numeric designation can be distinguished is by the assignment of a different call number (e.g., a serial begins its numbering with Vol. 1, no. 1 and after several years begins numbering again with Vol. 1, no. 1). In such situations, add a uniform title, qualified by date, because the cataloging entries would otherwise be the same. Example:

Note: In the example above, although the first record does not begin with "v. 1, no. 1" an earlier title did and both have the same call number.

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16.5. Numeric designation changes