a. Newspapers and monographic series:

Do not make a new record when a serial changes its format from a newspaper to a regular serial (or vice versa) or from a serial to a monographic series (or vice versa). Instead, give the information in a note. In the case of a newspaper that has changed to a serial format, do not change the serial type to # but leave it coded as "n." (3) In the case of a monographic series/serial, the serial type code may be updated to reflect the most recent format. Example:

b. Multiple versions:

While separate records are made for serials issued simultaneously in different physical formats (e.g., microfiche and microfilm, paper and microfilm, tape and CD), these records are not "successive" records because they exist in tandem; i.e., one does not continue the other. Link such records using field 776 according to the provisions set forth in the CEG (see also Module 14).

See also:

16.6. Physical format changes