Determine whether a title has changes by examining the provisions of AACR2 21.2A1 and LCRI 21.2A. Consider the publisher's intent, the issues in hand, and other records. When in doubt, consider the title to have changes.

A change in the corporate body will necessitate a new record when it has been used as main entry or as a qualifier in a uniform title.

When the corporate body is the main entry or when it is the uniform title qualifier, do not give a 550 note explaining changes in the corporate body. Make a new record.

A change in numbering requires a new record only when the numbering begins over and in the same form.

Make a new record for a serial that changes its physical format from paper to CD-ROM, microform, etc. but not when it changes to or from a newspaper or monographic series format.

When closing off the record, always change 008/6 to "d" and add the ending date in fixed field 008, even when the date is unknown and must be input as 19uu.

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